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Why Pay More Than $19.99 Monthly For Security Monitoring?

Central Security is simply the best value home security monitoring service company for Austin and all surrounding areas. Central Security provides certificate rated FULL SERVICE home security monitoring with burglar alarm equipment in Austin, Texas and to the following counties:Travis, Williamson, Bell, Burnet, Bastrop, Coryell, Caldwell and Hays.

Austin home security burglar alarm monitoring service without the 3 year contract and/or credit check. No upfront cost for standard installation or materials. No charge for site visit or quote. No charge for service calls or basic replacement parts. If you need Austin home security burglar alarm system and/or security monitoring service look no further.

Central Security monitoring and dispatch services are provided through United Central Control. The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) is pleased to announce that United Central Control- San Antonio, TX has renewed the prestigious CSAA "Five Diamond Certification." There are approximately 2,800 central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with the law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, fewer than one hundred central stations have achieved the "Five Diamond Certified" status.

Central Security Austin offers the best home security system and security monitoring deal you'll find. Central Security installs only premium home security montoring equipment and products. Central Security has the most flexible range of home security monitoring services; including cellular monitoring, two-way voice monitoring, IP-module monitoring, interactive application smart phone, and much more.

If you have home security monitoring service with other home security monitoring provider in Austin or have current security alarm system in home, working or not, Central Security can use existing home security burglar alarm equipment with services offered, and will add any additional items or devices upon request.

Central Security has and will beat any competitor’s price with our lowest price guarantee on home security monitoring service and home security alarm equipment. Central Security makes the process of getting home security burglar alarm monitoring service simple and professional.

Our goal at Central Security in Austin is to get you protected with a monitored home security alarm system and professional installation at a price the competition can't touch. Central Security prides itself on making the process of getting home security monitoring service in Austin simple and affordable. Central Security gives you a person you can call and knows exactly what is going on when it comes to protecting your home or small business with security monitoring service.

Central Security in Austin sells, programs, and installs home security burglar alarm systems. Central Security reprogram your existing system to work with our home security monitoring service.

In the event that someone ignores Central Security sign & stickers and tries to access your home or business having 24X7 home security service monitored burglar alarm system will work to your advantage. The monitored home security system will sound once tripped and send burglar alarm signals out to our top rated home security monitoring central station. Central Station will attempt to contact you for notice and dispatch emergency personnel if needed.

The private security industry is Licensed and Regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Any home security burglar alarm company or person selling, soliciting or installing home security burglar alarm monitoring service or home security burglar alarm system equipment must carry issued identification from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Laws regulating the home security burglar alarm systems industry originally passed by Texas Legislature in 1969. To offer or provide home security burglar alarm systems and/or monitoring service requires a license, doing so without a license carries criminal penalties; Up to a year in jail and a $4,000.00 fine. Hiring or employing an unlicensed burglar alarm system company also carries this penal

Full Service Home Security Burglar Alarm System & Monitoring provided by Central Security

Home security burglar alarm monitoring service is the process and procedure of home security burglar alarm system sending city or county police and emergency response. Home security burglar alarm systems and emergency response systems communicate directly to Central Station via communication module. It is standard for home security burglar alarm system to have phone line service communication module. The communication module in your home security burglar alarm system will send home security burglar alarm signals to receiver located at Central Station. Home security burglar alarm signals by law cannot communicate directly with police or emergency services. The Central Station will receive signals from home security burglar alarm system and dispatch authorities, city and county police or emergency response with jurisdiction.
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